Marcus Rashford: Social media makes racism too easy

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Marcus Rashford says social media platforms create racism’simple’ and encouraged them to do much more to handle the issue that is online.
The Manchester United and England has been one of a number of players mistreated in recent weeks, exposed to racist tweets minutes.
Rashford believes the way to solve the issue is simple – ensuring customers are only allowed one account per platform.
“For me, it’s too easy to do whatever you like on the internet,” Rashford mentioned before England’s European Qualifier against Bulgaria.
“Any people today could go on and make reports and write what we need under anybody’s posts and nobody could ever know.
“The solution is not hard to work out – if you’d like to show identification to create an account that means everybody can just have one account.
“For me personally, there is thousands of people who use my title on social networking and they’re able to write what they like.”
“But people are talking out and people are listening so hopefully we could put it directly.”
In an effort Twitter are suggesting to monitor 50 footballers’ accounts – .
“That does not change anything, the number of accounts out there’s absurd – a lot of them aren’t doing it out of their accounts, they’re all collectible accounts,” Rashford additional.
“To be honest, though it proceeds people will only begin to come off the programs if it they end up doing more bad than good.”
Earlier this week, Chris Powell was appointed as a trainer from the England set-up and Southgate thinks it’s important to provide people from ethnic minorities opportunities.
On the appointment of the prior Charlton, both Huddersfield and Southend manager:”We are trying to be at the forefront of giving opportunities to coaches from minority cultural groups and Chris is a good example of a person who’s entirely capable, has good experience for a supervisor and clearly experience of international football – he has actually worked with some of the players in our team when he turned into a team manager.
“So, I’m hoping it’s going to be a brilliant insight for him to how we operate. He will have the ability to bring.
“We hope to make role models that young people are able to aspire to. They can see there is chance, they can observe that some of the hurdles they feel have been there, have now been broken down. We believe that’s a really strong and important message.”

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