Cagliari cleared of racist chanting towards Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku

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Cagliari have been rid of chanting towards Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku in a Serie A match.
Chants were directed at Lukaku because he was going to take a penalty at a 2-1 victory at the Sardegna Arena.
However, based on some sports judge acting on behalf of the league, there was not adequate evidence to get any sanctions.
The Sardinian club were, nevertheless, fined 5,000 euros for throwing bottles on to the pitch off in Parma on Sunday.
The report declared that chants, shouts and whistles were directed in Lukaku by Cagliari lovers, but they weren’t enough in”dimensions and understanding” to bring any kind of punishment against the team and its supporters.
This is actually the next time that the team has been researched for alleged racist abuse in the last two years after instances involving Moise Kean, the Italy forward currently at Everton, along with his then Juventus team-mate, France international Blaise Matuidi, but no action was taken on each occasion.
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